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The Hashtag Dictionary is world’s first collection of quality hashtags for content creators, entrepreneurs & businesses just like you.

With over 150 hashtags in more than 20 niches – The Hashtag Dictionary is exactly what you need to get your content seen by not only more people, but the right people!


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The Hashtag Dictionary is a collection of over 150 hashtags that are popular, trending and perfectly suited for all your content needs. Updates are ongoing.

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The Hashtag Dictionary covers a wide range of niches such as food, fitness, creativity, entrepreneurship, to name a few! And we’re constantly adding more.

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In the spirit of community, this project is available free online for everyone, everywhere.  We welcome contributions, collaborations and partnerships. Do get in touch!


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As its name suggests, The Hashtag Dictionary is a collection of organized, well-defined hashtags. Its here to get your content seen by the more of the right people, while saving you some time along the way!

Our mission is to promote and encourage creativity, community and collaboration without boundaries.

Our goal is to become the world’s largest collection of hashtags, a standard for creators. With your support, this becomes possible.

We also believe in the power of community, which is why The Hashtag Dictionary is available free online for everyone, everywhere.

The Hashtag Dictionary
makes tagging a breeze.

With over 150 content hashtags to choose from, the perfect combination of hashtags is now even easier to achieve. Make adjustments on-the-fly as new hashtags are released with minimal effort.

  • Our mission is simple. To empower you to do work you love.

Hey! I’m Dayna. Want to know how this got started?

As I began to grow my Instagram account, I realized that I needed to step up my hashtag game. So I started collecting them. You know, the good ones? And before I knew it, I had hashtags everywhere!

I knew that to start making better use of them, I had to bring them together. That got me thinking. If this was happening to me, how many of you felt the same? How much could we benefit from a collection of well-defined, organized hashtags? How much better could we be at getting our content seen? How much time could we save?

That, my friends, was what inspired me to create The Hashtag Dictionary (#finally!). 

And because I love our community, my goal is to make this project available free online for everyone, everywhere!

If you’d like to learn more about me and my story, click here!


Kind Words + Testimonials

  • “But, my friend Dayna (who has a beautiful Instagram account) made a super useful (free!) resource called The Hashtag Dictionary, which shows you which hashtags to use given your niche. It will greatly expand your Instagram following.”

    - Leah, Team 20 Urban Something

  • “I just downloaded your Hashtag Dictionary and was blown away! It is truly a thing of – not only – significant function but just plain beauty 🙂

    ​I​ have gone through a lot of these funnel grabbers/free​bies and this is by far the best created resource I have EVER come across.”

    - Ashley Escorcia @shedesignslife

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— Dayna Elyse, founder

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