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Our mission is to promote and encourage creativity, community and collaboration without boundaries.

The Hashtag Dictionary was founded by Dayna Elyse, an entrepreneur, business advisor & creative based in Montreal, Canada. As an active social media user, she found herself constantly searching for new hashtags to suit different types of content. Some were business-related, but others were about style, creativity and even food. She began tracking hashtags in her phone, her computer — even on pieces of paper!

She eventually decided to consolidate these hashtags in one place so she could refer to them whenever she needed. In doing so, she realized that she was probably not alone in this struggle! That’s when she decided to open the platform and create something for everyone to share.

Together, with wonderful people around the globe, she’s working to put together the world’s first and largest collection of hashtags, otherwise known as The Hashtag Dictionary.

For more information, follow Dayna on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check out her personal website.