• Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Hashtag Dictionary available for immediate download?

Yes! Simply sign up to the newsletter and you’ll receive a PDF document straight in your inbox. It’s super easy to use and you’ll love it!

How much does The Hashtag Dictionary cost?

Zero. Nil. Goose egg. It’s completely free!

Will there be updates to The Hashtag Dictionary?

Yeah, of course! We’ve spent the past few months perfecting The Hashtag Dictionary for the release of the first edition, but we’ll be making updates as we go along! Adding more niches and depth is important for us.

Do you have a resource on using hashtags for my content?

We’re working on it. Soon enough, you’ll be able to get your hands on The 101 Guide to Hashtags on Dayna’s blog!

Do you accept collaborations to The Hashtag Dictionary?

Yes – collaborations and contributions are more than welcome! You’ll find more information by heading to the Collaborations page.

Do you offer partnerships and advertising opportunities?

Absolutely. The Hashtag Dictionary is happy to connect and partner with great brands. For more information, please head on over to the Advertise page.

Still have questions? Let me know by contacting me here!